Shenandoah Automotive offers 2 scholarship opportunities for local high school students who plan to college.

The first is for those who enroll in the Automotive Technology program at Blue Ridge Community College.

And the second is open to students or those with a close family member who has been effected by cancer.

If you or a student you know is eligible to participate we encourage  you to apply here on our website or by coming to our office and requesting a paper application.


Shenandoah Automotive Cancer Compassion Scholarship Fund
This is a $500 scholarship fund designed to help local students at any local high school who have or have had cancer themselves, or a parent who has/had cancer.
Details on eligibility, selection criteria, and how to apply are available in office or online. This scholarship can be used in any program and is not limited to automotive.

This is a $1,000 scholarship fund that is set up at Blue Ridge Community College. This scholarship fund is designed for any student
that meets the requirements at Blue Ridge, and is enrolled in the Automotive Technology program. Apply on the BRCC website's scholarship page